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We all are acquainted with this old adage, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. The old saying has a greater significance than what it apparently says. It seeks to teach us an age old health secret that we should explore the home remedies properties of the foods items that are easily available in our households, especially in the Indian kitchens. While daily yoghurt intake will improve your stomach health, regular consumption of raw papaya helps strengthen your liver. Honey and lemon mixture offers a wonderful home remediesfor sore throat, while daily intake of walnuts will let you fight insomnia.

The biggest advantage of these home remedies is: they can make you feel better and rejuvenated without the side effects of the prescription medicines. The traditional home remedies are also significantly less expensive than the prescription medicines. So next time you experience a minor health problem such as a bad headache or a mild diarrhea, do not start popping up pills, instead consult your home doctor, your mamma for a simpler, less expensive, side effect free home remediesfor your ailment.

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